Commercial Solar Energy Solutions

Many businesses are opting to use renewable energy. This is not surprising since renewable energy can cut down energy expenses and help the environment. Solar energy can provide power to pools, hot water systems, offices, and buildings. 
Sun Power Solutions is your go-to commercial solar consultant, developer, and contractor. We’ll assist you in making your solar power projects a reality regardless of the kind or size. We’re experts in designing and developing commercial solar carports, solar power stations, solar arrays, and other major commercial solar …

How It Works

Sun Power Solutions aim to make solar energy easily accessible. With a few easy steps, we can find out your energy needs and provide you with the solar energy system that is right for your home. 
Step 1 – Consultation 
What you need to do first is to talk to one of our specialists to know if solar energy is right for your home. We’ll discuss the things you expect in a solar energy system, assess your home by using satellite imagery and determine the ideal choices. You can call us, answer our contact form, …

What we Do

Solar Electric

Energy expenses are gradually increasing. Also, more and more electronic gadgets are utilized in homes. This makes it not surprising that many homeowners are looking for ways to save more on their monthly electric bills. If you want an alternative energy source, you should consider a quality solar panel system. This can significantly decrease or possibly eliminate your electricity costs. 
Use Electricity and Spend Less
Solar energy is converted into electricity through photovoltaic solar modules. Homeowners who use…

Solar Hot Water

You can save up to 90% on your water heating expenses at home when you use a solar hot water system. Sun Power Solutions is considered one of the best solar water heating contractors. 
Save on Your Electricity
25% to 30% of your average electric bill at home is hot water heating expenses. Solar hot water systems are the most energy-saving and effective way to have hot water in your home and cut down your monthly electricity expenses. Therefore, a lot of homes and businesses have chosen to switch to solar energy…

Solar Pool Heating

You can enjoy your pool without having to worry about pool heating expenses. You save a lot of money every year when you use solar pool heating. 
Solar pool heating is the most affordable option to heat your pool. You can save more by heating your pool using solar energy compared to electric heaters, heat pumps, and gas heaters. 
Reasons Why You Should Switch to Solar Pool Heating
No Operating Expenses
Since the sun is a …


Steps on Connecting a Generator to a House Without Transfer Switch

Unexpected power outages are common. Interested in learning how to connect a generator to your home without a transfer switch?
If you experience regular power outages, you may want to consider using generators as a form of emergency backup power. The generator plug for the house that you’ll learn how to install in this post is one of the best ways to keep it clean and easily accessible.
Old extensions can be used if the line and end plugs are in good condition. Your generator’s connection cable should be at least 25 feet long. If you need to consume a lot of electricity, you’ll need a large waterproof …


How Solar Systems Work and How Much They Cost

Solar energy is something you can consider if you’re looking for an abundant, clean, and money-saving source of energy. Solar energy system installation can be an expensive investment even though solar energy is free. But more and more people consider using solar energy in their homes because of its tax benefits, many payment options, and cheaper residential solar system installation. 
How a Solar Energy System Works at Homes


Everything You Need to Know About Selling Your House with Solar Panels

When selling a house, solar panels make a difference. Most people searching for houses want to have solar panels because they want to save on their monthly electric bills. Some are also concerned about the environment. Therefore, it’s important to know the worth of your solar panels and what you can do to make your solar panels more noticeable when you sell your house. 
Solar Panels and How It Can Increase the Value of Your Property…