Commercial Solar Energy Solutions

Many businesses are opting to use renewable energy. This is not surprising since renewable energy can cut down energy expenses and help the environment. Solar energy can provide power to pools, hot water systems, offices, and buildings. 

Sun Power Solutions is your go-to commercial solar consultant, developer, and contractor. We’ll assist you in making your solar power projects a reality regardless of the kind or size. We’re experts in designing and developing commercial solar carports, solar power stations, solar arrays, and other major commercial solar projects. 

Commercial Solar Pool Heating

One of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to heat your pool is through solar power heating. If you want to boost your business’ environmental initiative and save a lot of money every year, you should make a switch to commercial solar pool heating. 

Our solar pool heating systems are fully autonomous because of an automation package. After you choose the temperature you want, your pool’s water temperature will be monitored and the amount of solar available to the solar panels through sensors. If the water needs heat, the solar valve opens and directs the pool water to the solar panels. This is where the water gets heated and returned to the pool. The process happens repeatedly until the desired temperature for the pool water is achieved. 

Your business can save a lot of money when you include solar in your gas-powered heater if your commercial pool has one currently installed. Our panels generate more energy and last for a longer time. Compared to other solar pool products in the market, they are better for large-scale use. 

Commercial Solar Hot Water

Many businesses reap benefits when they invest in solar hot water systems. Electricity expenses for hot water heating in commercial infrastructure are costly. In hotels, most of the energy used comes from hot water production. One of the reasons why many businesses and organizations are considering solar water heating is because of the money they can save from energy expenses. 

Solar water heaters are cost-efficient to produce hot water for your business at any time of the year. As a result, you can save a lot of money. One of the best investments you can make for your business is solar power installation. Within 3 to 5 years, this system can pay for itself. It is also designed to last for three decades or more. 

Commercial Solar Electric

You can eliminate costly electricity bills and make your business eco-friendly by using photovoltaic solar energy. Since photovoltaic solar elements transform solar energy into electricity, you don’t need to spend a lot on power. That’s the reason why many businesses use this. 

The fastest developing energy technology over the last decade is photovoltaic electricity. It has a warranty of 25 years and is designed to last for decades. Photovoltaic solar systems don’t release greenhouse gases or cause pollution.