Solar Pool Heating

You can enjoy your pool without having to worry about pool heating expenses. You save a lot of money every year when you use solar pool heating. 

Solar pool heating is the most affordable option to heat your pool. You can save more by heating your pool using solar energy compared to electric heaters, heat pumps, and gas heaters. 

Reasons Why You Should Switch to Solar Pool Heating

No Operating Expenses

Since the sun is a source of renewable energy, you don’t have to worry about using other energy sources to heat your pool.

Readily Available

Other heaters generally take a long time to heat pools. When the sun shines, solar works automatically. Because the regular pool pump is running, the pool is warm regardless of the season. It is also available anytime you want to take a dip. 

Durable Equipment

Our solar panels generate more energy, are better for warm subtropical climates, and last longer compared to other solar pool heaters on the market. Our solar panels give us much pride.

Zero Maintenance

Our panels are designed to last for two decades or more. Aside from not requiring maintenance, they come with a lifetime-limited warranty. This guarantees the security of your investment. 

Clean Source of Energy

Solar heating systems don’t contribute to air pollution. You also lessen your carbon footprint. 

No Upfront Costs

You can avail of solar heating without paying anything upfront. We have payment schemes that don’t require you to pay anything when you decide to use solar energy. 

How Solar Pool Heating Works

Our solar pool heating systems are fully autonomous because of an automation package. After you choose the temperature you want, your pool’s water temperature will be monitored and the amount of solar available to the solar panels through sensors. If the water needs heat, the solar valve opens and directs the pool water to the solar panels. This is where the water gets heated and returned to the pool. The process happens repeatedly until the desired temperature for the pool water is achieved. 

Because of the elevated mounting hardware, the system can expand and contract without affecting the integrity of the roof anchors. No maintenance is needed for the panels because the permanent and patented connection is utilized rather than rubber hose connections. Rubber hose connections need to be tightened every year and changed after several years to prevent staining. So, maintenance and staining aren’t a problem with our solar panels.