Is Shade an Issue If I Have Solar Panels?

There’s a possibility. But, in many cases, this issue can be resolved. If your home is not good for solar panel installation, our specialists will inform you right away. For PV systems, shading can be an issue because of string-inverter systems’ wiring design. 

If there’s shade on some of the panels on a string, the energy output can be decreased drastically. A simple way to resolve this if shading is inevitable is to utilize microinverters that link the pieces of the system’s panels together rather than as a whole. This is to avoid affecting the output of the entire array during shade periods. 

If you consider pool solar and moderate shading to be unavoidable, you can place extra panels to cover the energy lost from the shade. 

When we do our assessment, we’ll check your home thoroughly for any shading problems and offer solutions. If shading occurs throughout the day, our specialist will inform you right away and not recommend solar panel installation. Our honest feedback is one of the reasons why many of our customers leave good reviews and recommendations online.

Can My System Get Damaged Because of Hail, Hurricane, or Windstorm?

There is no guarantee how systems handle these conditions. But our system is made to withstand even the toughest conditions. Because we use trusses to directly install our systems, they’ve been proven and tested. Even with hurricanes tearing off shingles around our panels, our system is undamaged. For extreme weather conditions, homeowner insurance covers most of the solar system expenses together with other damages that occurred to homes or businesses. 

What Features Do I Look for When Choosing a Solar Energy System?

There are many features available in Sun Power Solutions energy systems. Our wireless in-home monitoring system is the most popular. This allows you to monitor your system’s output and the amount of electricity produced by your panels at any time. You can reach out to our solar experts if you’re interested in this feature. 

Is It Hard to Clean and Maintain Solar Energy Systems?

No, it isn’t. Very little maintenance is needed for our solar energy systems. We recommend periodically checking and cleaning your systems for preventive maintenance measures. You clear away debris regularly and clean the surfaces of solar panels that are exposed to the environment. Cleaning should be done more often if the environment is dirty. You can also use a garden hose to clean your systems. 

Does Your System Have a Warranty? Do You Offer It for Installation?

All our systems have a warranty on installation and labor. To ensure complete satisfaction, our warranty guarantees that the system is installed properly and fully operational. There is a different warranty for parts and solar energy systems depending on the system you’ve installed. The warranty typically lasts for 10 to 25 years. 

What Aren’t Included in the Warranty?

Our manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover nature and acts of God. We ensure proper installation by surveying the current condition of the property such as the electrical equipment and roof before installation. Maintenance and inspections of homeowners are needed to make sure that the system will last for a long time.