Sun Power Solutions is a certified solar contractor for residential, commercial, and industrial solar system installations. Since our launch, more than 60,000 clients have trusted our solar services. This makes us one of the most trusted solar companies by homeowners, roofers, and builders. We have built this kind of reputation because of our commitment to providing quality and dependable services, support, and products. 

What makes our company stand out is our determination to give quality solar energy services and solutions. It doesn’t matter if you want to enjoy the benefits of solar energy for your home or business. We have the ideal optimal solar energy solutions for you. Not only can you save money but also the environment. 

With our rich background in the solar industry and limited lifetime guarantee, Sun Power Solutions will help you make your switch to solar energy hassle-free.

The Advantage of Choosing Sun Power Solutions

Sun Power Solutions offer affordable but quality services. We also give information to our customers to help them decide. Our goal is to give security and comfort to people by helping them find ways to save money, energy, and the environment. 

We also use top-notch equipment. All our equipment and systems are made to withstand extreme weather conditions. Many roofers choose Sun Power Solutions because we use trusses to avoid leakage for life. Our technicians are skilled. We have highly trained expert technicians who go through at least six months of intense training before getting qualified for higher positions. 

Our priority is the safety of our workers and your home. That’s why we are certified and insured. We also strictly follow safety standards. Our people are trained in safety procedures, and our trucks have the needed safety gear. To protect our team and our customers’ investment, we have an insurance policy of $5 million. This coverage is 5 times better compared to most of our competitors.

For any questions or emergencies, you can reach out to our customer service staff anytime. Because of this, Sun Power Solutions offers the best service and maintenance. Many of our customers say that their experience with us is outstanding.