How It Works

Sun Power Solutions aim to make solar energy easily accessible. With a few easy steps, we can find out your energy needs and provide you with the solar energy system that is right for your home. 

Step 1 – Consultation 

What you need to do first is to talk to one of our specialists to know if solar energy is right for your home. We’ll discuss the things you expect in a solar energy system, assess your home by using satellite imagery and determine the ideal choices. You can call us, answer our contact form, or drop by our office to start your solar energy system journey. 

Step 2 – Site Inspection

Next, we need to visit your site to make sure that all variables are considered before designing your energy system. We must know the mechanical and electrical systems of the site, sun access, and construction design if your site is currently being remodeled or constructed. 

You should keep in mind that an engineer and general site visit are different. During the visit, our engineer will assess the condition of your roof to make sure that the structure is right. 

The electrical panel or the grey box located in your basement will also be checked to determine if an upgrade is needed. If the installer advises upgrading the electric panel, your solar panels will need more amps of current. The electrical box’s ampere capacity also needs to be increased. 

Step 3 – Design

Our engineers will review the data they got from the visit and check if there are attributes or limitations in your home. Then, they will design a system that will provide your home with all its energy needs. You’ll be shown a complete diagram including a drawing, system requirements, and a final quote after they complete the design.

Step 4 – Installation

After we get all the required permits and arrange all the customized solar elements, we’ll begin the installation. Our technicians are trained well in this field. Our systems always perform better than our competitors which results in the lower expenses of business ownership. 

Step 5 – Solar Energy Use

After finishing the installation, you can now use solar energy. Aside from having to do little or no maintenance, you are also insured through our warranty. Our technicians are available anytime to resolve any issues or concerns you have in your systems. Also, a representative from your utility provider will visit to do a final assessment of their own on your new solar panel system.