Solar Hot Water

You can save up to 90% on your water heating expenses at home when you use a solar hot water system. Sun Power Solutions is considered one of the best solar water heating contractors. 

Save on Your Electricity

25% to 30% of your average electric bill at home is hot water heating expenses. Solar hot water systems are the most energy-saving and effective way to have hot water in your home and cut down your monthly electricity expenses. Therefore, a lot of homes and businesses have chosen to switch to solar energy. 

Reasons Why You Should Switch to Solar Hot Water


Solar water heaters are the most cost-efficient method to make hot water in your home at any time of the year. You can save a lot of money in two decades when you switch to solar. 

Good ROI

One of the best home investments you can have is solar power installation. Within three to five years, this system can pay for itself. 

No Upfront Costs

You can avail of solar heating without paying anything upfront. We have payment schemes that don’t require you to pay anything when you decide to use solar energy. 

Clean Source of Energy

Solar heating systems don’t contribute to air pollution. You also lessen your carbon footprint. 

Tax Credit

When you have solar water heaters, you are qualified for a thirty percent Renewable Energy Federal Tax Credit by the government. You also enjoy rebates from various utilities in your local area.

How Solar Hot Water Works

The operation of solar hot water or solar thermal systems is easy to understand. Solar panels get heat from the sun. The water that passes through the panels is heated. Then, the heated water can be used. 

2 Types of Solar Water Heating Systems

Active Systems

Active solar thermal systems utilize a pump that moves water around in the system. They lessen the water heating expenses by up to ninety percent. Open-loop or direct circulation and closed-loop or indirect circulation are the 2 types of active systems. 

Passive Systems 

Passive solar hot water systems don’t utilize a pump. What it uses is convection to circulate the water in the system. Passive systems can provide up to seventy-five percent of hot water to homes. These also have the quickest payback among the solar thermal systems. The payback is typically within 3 to 5 years. Compared to active systems, they have cheaper installation. They are also more durable and reliable but less efficient. They lessen the water heating expenses by up to seventy-five percent. Thermosiphon and integral collector or storage passage are the 2 types of passive systems.