How Solar Systems Work and How Much They Cost

Solar energy is something you can consider if you’re looking for an abundant, clean, and money-saving source of energy. Solar energy system installation can be an expensive investment even though solar energy is free. But more and more people consider using solar energy in their homes because of its tax benefits, many payment options, and cheaper residential solar system installation. 

How a Solar Energy System Works at Homes

Solar power is created when sunlight is converted into electricity through panels that absorb sun rays. 

It is produced through panels, shingles, photovoltaic cells, or slates found on your roof. The number of panels your home needs depends on the amount of electricity you need and the size of your system. 

Your home needs to gather ample sunlight so that you can enjoy the benefits of solar power. So, it must be located so that trees or buildings around don’t block the sunlight from reaching your roof. You can also get good sun exposure when you have the panels on your roof part facing south. 

How Much You Need to Spend on a Solar System Installation

In recent years, the cost of solar panels has decreased to more than 60%. However, the other expenses associated with home solar power systems still make up for up to 64% of the overall expenses. Some of these other costs are financing, inspection and permits, sales tax, payment to suppliers, and labor costs in installing the system. 

The prices are different depending on your location and the size of the system you want to be installed. A solar power installation provider can give you an estimate on how much it can cost you to install a solar power system with the amount of energy you want your system to produce. You can refer to your electric bills in the past 12 months to determine the amount of kilowatt you’ve consumed. 

A home solar system can be priced from $11,000 to $33,000 after deducting solar energy federal tax credit. Many companies are looking for ways to cut down the price and help consumers save more. For instance, some companies offer payment schemes that allow customers to budget their solar panel installation more easily. 

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